LA AIDS WALK and Palm Springs Pride

Most of us have experienced the unpleasantness of diarrhea at one point in our lives. But for people living with HIV, diarrhea can be a persistent and embarrassing issue that healthcare professionals often don’t take seriously.

With new and improved options for ART, those living with HIV are no longer just trying to survive, they want to thrive. A life without common comorbidities like diarrhea is possible and we created the Keep Your Pants On… Unless You Don’t Want To campaign as a way to make an uncomfortable subject more approachable.

Our KYPO campaign first made its debut to more than 10,000 participants at AIDS Walk LA on October 15th, 2017. We had over 160 teams, individuals and couples stop by to throw some confetti in the air and commemorate their walk in our photo booth.  We heard many stories of loss, but also of hope and the need to focus on living well with HIV.

In November of 2017, we took the campaign on the road again to Palm Springs Pride. Our friend Charles Sanchez from the web series Merce hung out at our booth to pose for photos with fans. We handed out TONS of swag, and our space was right next to the Skull and Bones underwear booth… nothing wrong with that!

Our greatest hope is that we can normalize the topic of diarrhea among people living with HIV because it is important, it needs to be talked about and it is NOT something you just have to live with. Where do you think we should take KYPO next?

Posted on May 25, 2018 in Events, Poo News

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