What is Keep Your Pants On…

The response to our KYPO campaign has been wonderful. From its debut at AIDS Walk LA to our most recent experience at Palm Springs Gay Pride, attendees have expressed their interest and excitement for the message. HIV related diarrhea is a problem and it needs to be talked about. We can only hope this platform is a jumping off point for a larger conversation.

In December of 2017, we were honored to receive another accolade for the Keep Your Pants On campaign. Healthline named us best HIV-Related Awareness Campaign as part of their annual HIV Influencer Honors. Each year, Healthline commemorates World AIDS Day by celebrating activists, organizations and initiatives that raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. We could not have been more thrilled to be counted among those recognized.

Other winners include our friends at Let’s Kick ASS, who won for best Long-Term HIV Survivors Campaign. Let’s Kick ASS is an organization started by activist Tez Anderson that celebrates and supports long-term HIV survivors and raises awareness about AIDS Survivor Syndrome. More than 55% of all people living with HIV are over the age of 50. This segment of the HIV positive population faces unique challenges and Let’s Kick ASS is doing their part to make sure long-term survivors have the support they need to face those challenges head-on.

Congratulations to all the winners! What an incredible honor it is to be recognized alongside each and every one of you. Click here for a complete list of Healthline’s 2017 HIV Influencer Honors awards.

Posted on May 25, 2018 in Poo News

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